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Yingge Mule

Yingge Mule

The mission of Yingge Mule is to bridge the gap between Chinese tea culture and the rest of the world, importing items that only exist in special places in the East and making them available to fellow tea lovers. The town of Yingge, Taiwan is one such place filled with tea treasures!

Yingge, and Asia in general, is a difficult place to navigate without know-how. Our service has us hunting through back alleys and hidden shops to find tea treasures of all types. We have amassed a catalog of tea essentials and know where to source them.

The entire world of tea is extraordinarily diverse. Different processing methods, different terroirs, different varietals of Camellia Sinensis - to navigate all of it would require lifetimes. We have decided to restrict our offerings to teas that offer a depth of experience (or qi). The criteria of "depth of experience" has us focusing our energy around specific versions of Yunnanese and Taiwanese teas. Yunnan, the birthplace of tea, is the origin of most of our tea, and our favorites from there are special aged gems only obtainable through vendors in Taiwan and Malaysia (who aren't selling their teas online).

We select our teaware to assist those brewing tea using the methods outlined in Global Tea Hut.

Tea and teaware has the tendency to come and go. Yingge Mule keeps its finger on the pulse of the changing nature of tea and does its level best to keep availability of items high. We hope you can come to rely on what we have to offer here.

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