Yingge Mule

a vendor of tea & teaware

Zen and Tea One Flavor since 2017.
Yingge Mule

It is said that Tea and Zen are One Flavor...

Among our offerings you will find:

  • Aged Puerh
  • Aged Oolong
  • Authentic Wuyi Yancha
  • Dian Hong Red Tea
  • Taiwanese Red Tea
  • Traditionally Roasted Taiwanese Oolong
  • Black Tea (the fermented kind!)
  • Puerh Blends (used to expand the life of aged teas)

If we don't have the type of tea you are looking for, please let us know and we'd be happy to help you.

Name Genre Description Onhand (g) Price (g)
Forest Path Sheng Puerh Ageless 'Aged' Sheng Puerh Loose Leaf 3900 $0.63