Yingge Mule

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Returning to the Shore since 2017.
Yingge Mule

Sheng Puerh

All tea called "Puerh" comes from Yunnan, China: the birthplace of tea. Sheng Puerh is "raw" tea from this area: withered, fried for a short time to kill green enzymes (in such a way that some are kept alive and active) and to arrest oxidation, rolled and then sun-dried (which activates fermentation).

When sheng puerh is left to age for years on end in the right climate, the tea becomes wise and dark: meditation in a cup...

Name Genre Description Onhand (g) Price (g)
Forest Path Sheng Puerh Ageless 'Aged' Sheng Puerh Loose Leaf 3900 $0.63